5 Essential tips for becoming a Web Developer

5 Essential tips for becoming a Web Developer
Web 03.12.2017

How, or where to start? Can I learn it on my own? What is the best route to success?
These questions are always asked when we start a new job.
Here is a few tips how to start.

  1. Have a Goal
    Set yourself a goal. What you want to achieve?
    Put yourself some lightweight goal. If you are new to web development, let's just start by learning and mastering html and css. Once this is achieved, go further with the new goals.

  1. Learn to Code
    Learning to code isn't simple, it takes time until you begin to work by yourself without anyone help. To begin, start from simple tutorials and do not forget to practice.

  2. Google it
    Do not forget that your best friend is google. If you stop somewhere you can almost always rely on it. While programming, you will probably spend most of your time on Stack OverFlow.

  3. Copy Cool Thing
    There is lot of finished things free for web development, so dont hesitate to use them, copy finished stuff from other sites, etc.

  4. Showcase Your Work
    Create your portfolio, where you will be able to show others what you have been doing so far. The client always wants to see it first before taking you for a job.